Monday, March 23, 2015

Justice For Treven... Please read and help. This is my nephew!

Hello everyone, I normally keep any personal things going on in my life
to myself. But this time I am asking all my scrapbooking friends for help.
This story is about my 4 year old nephew Treven.
He was abused by his Mother who has custody of him.
My brother and my parents are trying to raise the money to hire an attorney to help take custody of Treven.
In the state of Oklahoma, unless you have an attorney, you can not get nothing done hardly.
The other has been charged along with her live in boyfriend.
She is being charged with Felony abuse to a child with injury, and the boyfriend is being charged with enabling felony abuse to a child with injury.
My nephew and his half brother have been removed from the home and placed with the maternal grandmother, cause they wanted the children to stay together. Even though they have not been raised together. For the first 3 years of Trevens life my mom and dad and the maternal grandparents had joint custody of Treven. He has never lived with his bio Mother or my brother.
They bio mother decided this year that she wanted custody of Treven. 
The attorney that my family had, did nothing to try and help stop what we knew would happen.
In the state of Oklahoma there is a law that custody can not go to a parent if they are living with someone. But they did it anyway.
It was a complete railroaded thing.
We have started a donations campaign to try and raise the money for the new attorney, which I know will fight to save this from happening again.
Please go to the link below and you can read more about the story with Treven.
And any donation is not to small. We need help on this.. please!!!!!

Just click the link below


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