Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello all,

I just wanted to post that even if your having a bbq at the lake, family gathering or whatever it may be. Please remember what today is for. And lets say a prayer for the families of those that have lost family while fighting for our country. My husband served 4 years in the Marine Corp (active duty) and 4 inactive. His life expectancy in war was 11 sec. He was a 0352 {Tow Gunner}. In other words he guided a missile and blew up tanks. I am lucky he never was in a situation that his life was on the line. However to this day, I know if they reactivated him, he would go and fight for our country.  But there are a lot of women today that is not so lucky. And today while I kissed my husband good morning. They were taking flowers to a grave. So lets keep them in our minds and hearts today. 

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